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Advocates for
Arts Based Education

Formed as a 501(c)3 corporation in August 2005, the Advocates for Arts-Based Education (AABE) board is the primary oversight board for Lusher Charter School. As such, the board meets regularly to receive reports from the school's Principal/CEO and CFO. The AABE board hires the school's Principal/CEO and serves as the employer of the staff brought on by the Principal/CEO. All major budgetary and operational decisions of the school leadership are brought before the board for final approval, and the board hears any appeals or grievances from within the organization.

The Advocates for Arts-Based Education board takes its name from Lusher's philosophy of including the arts in all facets of education. This process of Comprehensive Arts Education (CAE) and Arts Integration has developed through Lusher's partnership with the Southeast Center for Education and the Arts at the University of Tennessee-Chattanooga. The entire Lusher faculty is trained in incorporating the arts into the core classes to help deepen and broaden student understanding. Thus, a Lusher student might use dance to better understand the spatial relationships of the planets in science class or music to gain insight into individual experiences during a certain historical time period. The arts help encourage Lusher students to think creatively and critically, to gain self-confidence and accept criticism, and to celebrate theirs and others' accomplishments.

Advocates for Arts-Based Education Board Members

Blaine LeCesne, President
Paul Barron, Vice President
Andrew Wisdom, Treasurer
Susan Krinsky
Carol Whelan
Ike Spears
Kristin Huston
Rachael Wisdom, Board Secretary




Advocates for Arts-Based Education Corporation
Lusher Charter School

Celebrating Cultural Diversity Through High Academics and the Arts

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