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The Lusher Post-Diluvian

he Lusher Post-Diluvian is a monthly newspaper for Lusher Charter High School. The first edition was circulated on Monday, October 23, 2006 and was extremely well received among students, parents, and staff. The majority of content is developed and written by Lusher Charter High School’s journalism course. The Lusher Post-Diluvian spurred from Charter Press, a publications club, which was started by a small group of Lusher Charter High School students in January 2006. Charter Press changed its name to The Lusher Post-Diluvian at the beginning of the 2007 school year.

The Lusher Post-Diluvian Editorial Policy

The paper reserves the right to edit any and all submissions for the content and length. Letters must be limited to 300 words. For letters to be published they must be signed with the writer’s name and email address. At the editor’s discretion, the authors identity may be withheld to protect him or her from any harm his or her opinion may cause. Letters and opinions addressing topics related to The Lusher Post-Diluvian issues will be given priority over those on other topics. Any submissions that may be offensive to any group or individual may not be published. Letters should be sent to

Back Issues of The Lusher Post-Diluvian:

The Lusher Post-Diluvian Editorial Board

Ben Long, Editor-in-Chief
Alex Ates, Publisher
Michaela Compagno, Managing Editor
Samsneh Khoshini, Art Director
Robert Logan, Chief Photographer
Timmy Guidry, Sports Editor
Michael Depp, Staff Advisor

The Lusher Post-Diluvian Newsroom, Room 228
Lusher Charter School, Fortier Campus
5624 Freret Street
New Orleans Louisiana, 70115





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Lusher Charter School

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5624 Freret Street, New Orleans, Louisiana 70115, Telephone (504)304-3960, Fax (504) 861-1839